The Trend of iPhones:

The iPhone is not new for the consumers who are found of it. The craze of the iPhone is increasing day by day because it has brought the revolution in the world of technology. The significant feature of the device is that it is sleek in design, extremely a user friendly device, speeds that is browsing faster and it is the symbol of class. There are many benefits of this device that make it an essential among the majority of the users. The face time feature is the key benefit that allows the user for video chat.

Obsession of iPhone 7:

It is already mentioned that the majority of the consumers like iPhone due to several reasons, but it is getting the form of craze. Consumers are waiting passionately for the iPhone 7 Release Date because of the dynamic features. There are countless features that make it most desiring in the world.

Face Time Feature:

It is a common feature that you can find in the iPhones because it gives you the opportunity of live video chat. The camera on the set id front facing and allow the user to have high definition video chat. It is the effective and efficient way to keep in touch with your personal relationship like friends, family, clients and many more.


The camera is an elegant and essential feature of the iPhone that is the great advantage as well. It has the option to record video and to capture the images of great quality.


A dynamic feature that is available in iPhone with Apple free cloud service. The Apple free I cloud technology helps to share data, photos, music, contacts and many more. It helps to cut down the hassle out of your life. It has the feature that assists you to transfer the data to your computer automatically.

Variety of Features:

There are a few different preferences that iPhone clients appreciate. One is the decision of 800,000 applications – a considerable lot of them free – accessible for download to the gadget from Apple’s App Store. Another is Siri, the voice-initiated virtual collaborator, which can help you with anything from discovering an eatery and opening an application to finding a range repairman and making a telephone call. The iPhone 5 contains an upgraded Retina show with 326 pixels every inch for a brilliant, fresh picture.

Free Apps Facility:

The majority of the users is waiting for the iPhone 7 Release Date because it is the rumor that this upgraded set has many variations in terms of the free apps facility. It assists to the developers and make it more creative with the apps. There are several new features are added in the iPhone 7 by keeping the factor regarding developers into the mind.


The upgraded device is now designed in the way that is giving the high stability with the combination of high performance. It offers several useful tools to get powerful and useful apps quickly. The modern version is more comprehensive and up-to-date. The diversity of colors, transparency, texture, and elegant layering make it more attractive and desiring.

Display Sapphire:

Sapphire is the protective layer that saves the set from scratches.  It has the iSight camera in it. This sapphire display makes the device more durable and protective.

Force Touch Displays Technology:

The favorable circumstances of this are that engineers would have the capacity to utilize an additional arrangement of new inputs for permitting clients to interface with their applications in new ways. For instance, envision a first individual shooter having the capacity to advice on the off chance that you need to dispatch an explosive or shoot a weapon by the power of your tap.

USB Port And The Charging Facility, Wireless:

  It has the facility of wireless charging along with USB port. It’s uncertain that if Apple does add wireless charging to the following iPhone it would utilize any sort of conduction cushion. Rather, it would exploit genuine “wi-fi charging” that permits gadgets to be controlled when they are in scope of a base station. The forward development in innovation is likewise useful for the business all in all, as it supports the soul of rivalry among designers, eventually prompting the formation of better applications. Client centered application advancement guarantees that the purchaser is the best and is given just the best of the best.

Specs and Rumors:

As per the speculation the features of iPhone 7are not as much difficult then the features of iphone6. It can be retained in terms of LTPS that is based on LCD for the display of headsets and the screen of OLED. The LED is movable and rich with the technology of desiring features. The screen size can be multiple it may be the 4.7 inches or the 5.5 inches.

iPhone 7 Release Date

iPhone 7 Release Date

Expected iPhone 7 Release Date:

It is the fact that the majority of the clients is waiting for the iPhone 7 Release Date but there is no official announcement yet. But the history of iPhone launching says that it can be introduced in September 2016.


It is mentioned above that there is no any specific iPhone 7 Release Date and the truth is that as well, there is no any official news about the price of the iPhone 7. It can be similar as iPhone 6 that is available in £539, £619 and £699

No doubt it is the most high profile device of the year and it most waited by the majority of the clients. This upgraded version is including the supports for the all types of social networks. These iPhone industry is progressing very dynamic and it has no bounds because of the great features of the iPhones. The advancement of the technology and the addition of innovative features make it more famous and demanding in the market. In this way users get the opportunity to avail the variety of useful features along with the availability of social networks and the free apps. These devices are helpful in enhancing the experience of the users in an extremely entertaining way. The iPhone is the device that is designed by using the cutting edge technology and the idea behind designing it is to combine the entertainment, work and convenience together.

Ten Features iPhone 7 Should Have

iPhone 7 Release Date Very likely September 2016.

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